Biggest BBQ EVER?

I saw an article this morning coming out of Russia, where they built the biggest “BBQ” stretching 335 ft.  Now I hate when the term BBQ is thrown around like it normally is…  As this would be a BBQ Pit or a Grill… not a BBQ.  Geeeeeeeeeez.

Get it right.

But anyhow, I wouldn’t say this was the best BBQ by any means… as they basically stuck a bunch of sausage on it and called it BBQ.

Not cool.

Who barbeques only sausage… wait… didn’t I do that this weekend?  hehe – I didn’t BBQ though, I grilled.  THERE IS A DIFFERENCE PEOPLE!

Anyhow, it did get into the record books – so congrats to them, always funny to read something about BBQ on the front page of a major site… at least it is for me.

The Meatiest Feat – Russian 335 ft. BBQ Breaks Record

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