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Daily we come across different blogs we like to check out from time to time.  Lately they have had a strong gardening influence, however there are several we like to check that have absolutely nothing to do with gardening.  We are nerds too damnit.  Nerds that like to read about just about anything available on this intraweb thingy.

So today we will drop some of our favorite reads in several categories – and hopefully you will find something you can add to your daily read or at least subscribe to and check out via RSS in your downtime.  These blogs are in no particular order, so don’t be thinking your are all blog celeb status #1 because you were mentioned first.

Gardening Blogs

Skippy’s Vegetable Garden – Kathy has serious gardening skills and just reading through her posts you will learn tons. 

In The Charamon Garden – Fellow Texas gardener dealing with the wind, drought and hard times like we do.  Fighting through it all to get to the good stuff.  Harvest time.  Lots of good material here.

Heavy Petal – Very awesome blog, design-wise it is up there with the best in the gardening category.  Check it out for an urban organic gardening experience.

Nestmaker – Megan does more than just gardening stuff, she links up great home design things to look at as well.  Very cool, very simple. 

Gardening Gone Wild – Found this one just the other day and it rocks in regards to information covered and if you like gardening – your missing out without this one in your life.

Funny/Smart Blogs

Kathy at Vote or Die (Or soon to be Mama’s Losin’ It Sweetheart) – Funny mom telling her tales.  Also a self-proclaimed attention craving poodle.  Read this one if you need a laugh or a large dosage of sarcasm.

Dooce – Do we really still need to be telling people to read Heather’s blog?  I mean come on, she posts and finally leaves the comments open and in 10 minutes has over 200 comments.  Her power kills me.  We need web clout like that.

Face of the Cookie – A funny and clever writer that starts internet wars that are quickly ended by a mob of commenters.  Don’t mess with Kiala she’s a bad woman.  In a positive, assertive way.


IttyBiz – If you aren’t checking this out for witty lessons in small itty business, your dumb.  I mean it.  Dumb.  You call yourself cool, but your not until you are reading IttyBiz.  Dummy.  *shakes head*

ChrisG – Great blog for those trying to make a run at blogging full time.  This guy gives you the tools, just gotta put it all together.


Etipton – Ghost creates killer artwork and his daily posts are usually thought provoking.  Spend some time checking out his mind if you need a deeper read.

Tim Tipton – Tim & Ghost are brothers!  Long-time friend that occasionally drops links to blogs, articles and all that about money and simple living.

Benny Cornett – Total slacker in regards to blogging, but a long-time friend that is probably one of my favorite people to work with on projects… coding guru to say the least.

Buster Collings – Doesn’t blog a lot, but this busy SEO pimp does drop funny and usefull stuff when he does find time.

Corey Molinar – Another total slacker just like the two before him.  Drops unique posts from time to time.  Maybe these three dudes should team up and produce one blog… would have enough content then. 😉

4 thoughts on “Blogs We Like To Read”

  1. I’m with Ghost. Whatever. I’m higher than Chris G. (He is in turn higher than Kenny G.) When you are world famous, the world will read this and know that you like me more. 🙂

    Seriously, though, thanks for the mention. You rule.

  2. @ ghost & Naomi

    Obviously I wrote that comment because of you two.

    While writing I thought…

    putting these two on top is dangerous.

    So the disclaimer was born… then quickly disregarded. haha

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