Earth Day 2009 w/ Pictures From The Garden

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I hope you take a minute today, walk outside and stretch and let the sun  shine down on you.  Take a minute to notice how beautiful our Earth is… and do something for it for a change.  Instead of the other way around.  Lots of our online gardening friends always say that they wished people would act like they did on Earth Day every single day.  I agree with that, however – it is good that at least for one day everyone is on the same page.

So if you wanted to be super cool, you could make an Earth Day resolution.  Decide on something you are going to do to help make our Earth a better place.  Just a thought.

In celebration of Earth Day – we are just going to post some pictures of our garden and plants.  We kinda feel like this way Earth can speak for itself on Earth Day.  What-cha-think?  Join us if you care to.  Enjoy & HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Greens, Onions & Garlic


Mucho Nacho Jalapeno Pepper

Pole Bean Pictures

Corn Pictures

Squash Pictures

Esparanza Blooms


4 thoughts on “Earth Day 2009 w/ Pictures From The Garden”

  1. Happy Earth Day to you too! Great pics.

    I think we’re actually going to get warmer temps here in Maine this weekend…things should start popping when it’s near 80!! I haven’t felt 80 since last September! Can’t wait. Right now it’s a whopping 52! I’m not sure my sinus can take much more temp. fluctuations. We might put the pontoon boat in. Too cold to swim, but we can still enjoy the water and the beautiful water that our Earth has supplied and we hope to get the garden cleaned up. Better find the sunscreen.

    Tah, tah

  2. I would have stretched in the sun today – had it not been raining and hailing! I think staying out too long in that weather can be hazardous to your health. Uck. Oh well, we need that from the earth, too.

    Is mucho nacho a pepper plant? I hope so. Because that would be an awesome name for a pepper plant!

  3. @Heidi – thanks. 52 is PERFECT Skiing water skiing weather right? ha

    @Jennah – Mucho Nacho is a Jalapeno type, so yes… awesome name it is.

  4. Love the garden photos; perfect for Earth Day. We’re growing veggies, too, and can’t wait to eat them later this summer. YUM!

    Deborah at Webajeb

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