Garden Give-Away (#3): Soil Conditioner Teas

All the gardeners are going to love this one (like you haven’t loved the freebies the last two days).  This is a truly AWESOME product, and I have a feeling it is going to be new to a lot of you.  Not the idea, as we have heard tons of you making compost tea or worm juice for a while… but this product, packaging and if you check out the website and see it all in one place – you will be blown away.

One sec.  Just in case you are late to the party.  We are doing this because it is National Gardening Month, and we wanted to treat our readers and our new friends to some freebies.  Most are gardening related, but some of the products are also “green” – which to us… the two go hand in hand.  So help spread the word and send some folks over here.  We will be giving away stuff all week!

Today’s give away is a 3-pack (assorted) of Authentic Haven Brand Soil Conditioner Tea.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew

Don’t start licking your lips just yet.  If you are not a gardener… you don’t want to embarrass yourself by thinking you can down this on a hot summer day.  Not saying you can’t… just wouldn’t be pretty.  All the gardeners are licking their lips – but for the simple fact that they know how valuable this can be to their plants. 

This assortment of teas are Alfalfa (for roses), Cow Manure (for veggies, house plants, container plants, lawn) & Horse Manure (for veggies, house plants, container plants, lawn).  The website gives you all you need to know in order to “brew” your tea or if you have any questions – email Annie Haven (the owner – and ask her for her story… it is a great story).

So what are you waiting for?  It is simple to enter.  Leave a comment, and your in.  Then run off and tell all your friends on your blog, or tweet everyone on twitter about it.  I don’t care how you do it, just do it.  Spread the word!  If you are new here, subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe via email.  If your old here… I dunno… just leave us a comment and tell us how cool we are.  Sounds good to us.

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