Garden Giveaway #4: Authentic Haven Brand Manure Tea Pack

All the garden bloggers know Annie by now – either via Twitter or Facebook – great gal that makes some great products.  Well, let us be honest here.  Her cows/horses make great products.  Ahem… make that crappy products.  Literally.  These teas are made of crap.

She will tell you all the time…

“It’s a sh!tty job, but someone has to do it!” 

And boy are we glad she does it for us, because our gardens are better for it.  We have used the Authentic Haven Brand soil conditioner teas for the past year… and it has really made a difference w/ our plants.  Annie sent us some last year to giveaway for this same series of National Gardening Month giveaways and when she offered again – we couldn’t wait to get it in the hands of more gardeners!

We are passionate about our gardening and when it comes to organic fertilizing – we are passionate about great products that DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO!  This is one of them.  Of late, more and more gardeners are getting on board with moo poo tea – especially Annie’s Natural Brew.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Teas

So what exactly are we giving away?  This giveaway is a 3-pack w/ an assortment of teas for your garden.  Included: Alfalfa (for roses), Cow Manure & Horse Manure.  The cow/horse manure teas are great for house plants, container plants, veggie gardens & lawns.  So in other words, your freakin’ covered in the turd tea department!

You know what to do by now, leave a comment to enter to win.  We will randomly draw a winner from the day and post the winner.  Be sure to put your name & email and we will contact you if you win.  If you want to get some Authentic Haven Brand Soil Conditioner Teas of your own (BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO WAIT TO WIN), then head over to her awesome website and pick some up.  I swear I saw some free shipping action going on. 

One other thing… TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!  Tweet it, Facebook it – call your mom, cousin, bestie – hell even your enemies.  Do what you can to help us keep this thing going.  Run WILD with it!  Until next time… good luck & good gardening.

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