Growing Potatoes Update (as promised)

Had a minute at lunch to take a picture of our potatoes growing in the barrel (read: How To Grown 100 lbs. of Potatoes).  And compared to the one I posted this morning…


They really have grown in the last month.  Here is a before & after (with about 3 weeks in between)…


Growing Potatoes At Home


Growing Potatoes At Home In A Barrel

Not too shabby eh?  We HAVE to get in there and mound up around the tops… dumb that we haven’t already.  But you know how it goes sometimes.  You just can’t seem to get caught up right?  Maybe today is the day.  Maybe.

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1 thought on “Growing Potatoes Update (as promised)”

  1. This method has been growing in popularity for years. In upstate New York, the recommended container was a garbage can… you’d keep adding soil as the potatoes grew up.

    I love the twist of building a planting frame and adding layers to the wood retaining walls as the plants grow. Being able to steal potatoes from below is awesome: I love small, “new” potatoes, but harvesting them in a traditional setup usually damages the plants beyond hope.

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