Guest Blogging @ Fantasy Football Goat

Those that know me, they know I used to run a fantasy football website up until last year.  Yup… I’m a sell out.  I decided that I didn’t want to do it anymore, so instead I sold it and went about my business.

Well, the itch never goes away to write about fantasy football.  I thought it might, but of course it didn’t… with football season just around the corner, a fellow fantasy football blogger (Corey @ Fantasy Football Goat) gave me the opportunity to write again.

So I know all you ladies & gardeners just LOVE fantasy football and all… and you will be running over to Fantasy Football Goat to see what Dubz is thinking…

Really I am just passing it on to those few people that still come around that know me from way back – figured they would enjoy some fantasy football goods.

If someone you know loves fantasy football and you can share it… then share it.  If you don’t know anyone… well FINE THEN.  No worries, we will have some cool gardening stuff to look at and oooh and ahhhh about momentarily.

Fantasy Football Goat – Dubz Is Thinking…

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