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So you hear on the news, commercials and this crazy thing called the internet that they are going to be making energy from corn oil, wind and the sun – but you don’t know your ass from your elbow when it comes to either one.  You do know that when you go to the gas station to fill up your gas guzzler, there is unleaded, super unleaded & diesel – but never a high octane “wind” option.  For too long our planet has relied on oil & gas to run our day to day operations and with a new ‘green’ initiative rolling out in the past years, you can expect to see more and more alternative energies to choose from.  Now does this mean when you choose an electric company you can choose a wind company or a solar company… not quite yet.  However you can do a bit of research and learn which companies utilize more than just the normal means to produce energy.  It does mean that down the road we will be able to buy a car that runs on exactly what we want.

So to better help explain some of this alternative energy stuff and what it means and what it consists of, I am going to drop a few articles so you can learn about it.  I know living in Texas (which I do) has always meant you hardly met a person that didn’t know the price of crude at any given time of day or you knew at least 20-50 people that worked in the oil business… so learning about these new energies is kind of neat – and as we diversify as a state & country… we will be learning more and more.  Like it or not. 

See below for some cool link’age to articles about alternative energy.

Largest Solar Plant Coming To Arizona – Inhabitat

Move Over Oil, There’s Money In Texas Wind – NYTimes

Learn About Wind Energy – NREL

Learn About Solar Energy – NREL

7 Clever But Questionable Eco-Power Innovations – Ecoble

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