Something To Do With Barbeque

We haven’t been posting much on BBQ lately, which is totally my fault.  In fact we have went through a bit of a Barbeque drought around our household lately.  We did throw some burgers on a few times in the past month – but taking the time for actual barbeque lately hasn’t been something we have scheduled.


I have plans to BBQ a rack of ribs or two and maybe try some other things on this pre-4th of July weekend.  I have to keep my skills up you know?  Don’t want to lose anything with the 4th of July BBQ just around the corner. 🙂

Actually I will use anything as an excuse for BBQ – this just happens to be a nationally accepted one.  I use those as excuses as well.  haha

Anyhow, I am a subscriber to Men’s Health – even though I just look at the pictures and nod most of the time.  But this latest issue had some BBQ stuff in it and so I was checking it out and they had a link (even though you can’t click it in a magazine… funny huh) to Men’s Health/bbq.  It is basiclly a one stop BBQ page with lots of recipes, how-to(s) and other crap related to BBQ.

We try hard to give you guys as much gardening stuff & BBQ material as possible, but sometimes we fall short – so we don’t mind passing you on to other sites that have us trumped.  We are not claiming defeat… however – if you want to skim through and check it out, we won’t cry about it.  Not a lot.  Ok… a lot.  But we will do it alone, in a closet – you will never know about it.  Until we blog it and put it on Twitter and Flickr and anything else that ends with “r” and is cool.

So if you have sometime and want to check out some cool recipes, go for it.  Just hit this link…

Men’s Health BBQ Tips – Barbeque Tips & Techniques Provided by Men’s Health Magazine.

Maybe they will contact us and want to give me a job being the resident BBQ badass… BBQ rib badass, master blogger star barbeque man.  Or something like that.  I’m sure they could make a position for me. 

I did see something I think we might try on July 4th weekend – Grilled Shrimp with Cilantro Recipe.

If you aren’t grilling/barbequeing this weekend… why not?  Do work son.  Do work.

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