Waterslide Stunts Video

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I remember when I was a lifeguard and every year we would go over to this water park that had slides and what not.  Go figure – a waterpark with slides.  What an innovation.  Anyhow, we had this annual lifeguard competition and afterwards we had full reign of the park and could do whatever we wanted.

What did this mean?  Can you say… going down slides on your feet & backwards and tandem and about anything else that could possibly cause bodily harm?  🙂

So much fun though.  Never got hurt or anything – thank God… but we tried.

This video made me think about those times, check out these stunts done on waterslides – don’t try this at home.  Unless you have a huge waterpark in your backyard… then by all means – get to stuntin’.

Waterslide Stunts Video – Youtube

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