We Are Stalking Your Garden: And You Like It

We are stalkers.  We like to tippy toe around in the early mornings and late at night and look around.  You don’t know we are there, you don’t know what we do.  Never to harm… just more for our voyeuristic pleasures.

I know… its dirty.

Some of you we stalk via the internets.  Some we do in person without you even knowing it.

We are discreet.  We are quick.  We are efficient.

We are stalkers.

At least we are honest.

This garden we found on our weekend trips to breakfast.  If you are local to Midland, TX – you can find it on Ward street going north towards Wadley.  We have stalked it for some time.  We have watched as the tomatoes, peppers & okra have grown quite a bit from when we first started stalking.  We really like it because it takes your run of the mill veggie garden and puts it out on display… in the alley & side of the house.  Right in clear view.  No hiding in the backyard.  We like that.  Makes it easier to stalk.  You know how it is…

Peppers & Okra on Ward St.

You can see in the pic above they have some peppers growing and you can’t see it too well in this one, but they also have some okra growing as well.  Not as far along as ours, but still in good shape.  In this next shot you can see their tomatoes are doing great, growing and super tall.  We can see bursts of red every once in a while when driving by… so it is definitely producing.  None in this shot though.

Tomatoes growing on Ward St.

Megan over at Nestmaker is someone we often stalk.  I think she knows it though, we are pretty open about the fact that we love her plants and we are jealous of her weather.  Oh… and her neighbor’s dog too.  Here are some night photos that prove we are sneaky and tip toe in the dark.

Seems so fake doesn’t it?  Who gets natural rain anyhow…

Stalking Gardens

Very awesome plant if you ask me… Sambucus Nigra.  Looks even darker in the dark.  Oh and… Megan @ Nestmaker is guilty of stalking too… she is honest about it also.  The proof is here.

Another garden we love to peek at is Skippy’s Vegetable Garden.  Now don’t be confused, Skippy is the dog… Kathy is the gardener.  However, Skippy rules this garden.  He will keep you out of the garden… so stalking this one is harder than most.

Skippy Keeps Us Out Of Their Garden

As you can see above, Skippy keeps everyone in line.  Awesome dog.  Look at the pic below and just tell me you wouldn’t want to stalk this garden as well?  Kathy harvests more veggies than anyone I know.  This is just one sliver of one part of one section of one tiny portion of her garden… you would get tired tippy toeing through this one.

Deb doesn’t know it either, but we stalk her as well.  We are happy to see she is back in her garden doing projects and taking care of things.  I know it has been hot…  oh yeah, she is a stalker too.  Proof is here.

Texas Star Hibiscus @ Deb's

She always has the most awesome hibiscus, even though they kinda look like drugs. 😉  We usually don’t stay long, because this guy runs us of… with it’s cuteness.

Kitten Cat... gardening guard.

Our friend Tim and his family have a unique “Hay Bale Garden” while makes it a lot easier to stalk, since we don’t have to get our feet dirty in the process.  You cut some holes for your plants, fill with dirt… plant and water.  The hay keeps everything moist and helps with weeds.  And it is portable!  Well kinda.  Here are a few shots of their garden.

Tipton Hay Garden

It isn’t huge, but they are pulling squash and tomatoes – so who cares how big it is…  and the scarecrows do nothing for stalkers… nothing. 

We stalk a lot more than just these few, but you know how it goes… you gotta break this stuff up and keep the internets coming back for more.  We will try to feature our “most stalked” gardens each week.  Unless we forget.  Or get caught.  Do you stalk?  Online or off… be honest.  We know you do.  Tell us some of your favs.

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