What’s A Garden Without A Garden Fountain?

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Terracotta Cascade Solar FountainA boring one if you ask us.  We have been shopping for an outdoor fountain recently and you know how it is…  spend your day looking through sites that just do not cut it… until you finally find a place that has your style.

Well we found it, Ethan Paul Outdoor – home of some killer Gas grills, Outdoor fountains and Garden fountains.

You can see right off the bat that this site has some awesome stuff for your patio & garden areas, and immediately we were hooked.  We are semi-addicted to firepits and so seeing a whole section dedicated to them had us saying…

“Where’s my checkbook?”

Also… a section dedicated to barbecues… I have been telling Shala that I needed a gas grill.  They had it covered.  TONS of gas grills and not your run of the mill ones either… we are talking HIGH END Napoleon Gas Grills.  You know those stainless steel ones that you dream about when you sleep… or is that just me?

If you can’t afford to spend the money on the super high end ones, they do have a few of the lower end (bust still super nice Napoleon gas grills) ones as well.  So you don’t have to spend 2 grand to get an awesome gas grill.

Napoleon Gas Grills

Ethan Paul does have a nice selection of fountains, which is something we have been trying to find a place for in the backyard.  Since we have a veggie garden, we were thinking we could put it in our pool area.  We have a few spots in mind, but seeing some of these fountains… you could practically build a spot dedicated just for them.  They are THAT… NICE.

The Terracotta Cascade Fountain had us hooked, since we went with terracotta pots for most of our potted plants.  This one would fit in nicely and at a good price.  140$????  Are you kidding me, sign us up.

Even if you wanted something more fancy than a terracotta pot fountain, they have TONS of outdoor & garden fountains to purchase.  We looked for about an hour dreaming and trying to figure out how we could work some of these awesome fountains in… however the Terracotta has to be the best one in our case.

Check out all the Garden & Outdoor Fountains at Ethan Paul Outdoor.

Go check some out, whether you are in the market for a new gas grill, outdoor fountain, firepit or anything dealing with outdoor entertaining or patio fun – you will be loving this site.  Ethan Paul Outdoor kills it when it comes to outdoor goodies.  Hope you can find something worth taking home… if not, maybe you can purchase something and send it ourway.  😉  Enjoy.

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