Where I Blantantly Post Something To Spur Birthday Wishes In Hopes To Get Comments To Build My Self Esteem

Might as well be honest right?

It is “someone’s” birthday.  Can you guess who?  Some blogger.  His name starts with a “J”, ends with an “s”.

Ok… it is me.

Glad we got that out of the way.  You can send checks, money orders and presents to…

Double Danger

c/o James Cross

123 Main St.

WALLA WALLA Washington…. haha

Just kidding.  Thats my lame attempt at a joke.  I just wanted to say Walla, Walla.  Is that place real?  Yup, it is.  Who knew.  Actually, I think we are going to tone this B-day down a bit.  We just got back from New Orleans N’awlins and it tried its best to kill me. 

But failed.  🙂  Good thing too eh?  What else would you be wasting time with on this glorious Friday?  Who are we kidding, probably some random nonsense.  I know we aren’t the only random nonsense on the intraweb.

Enough birthday crap already…

Happy Friday to every that has an unbirthday… hope your beers are cold and your weekend is long.  Be easy.  Not that way either… I mean relaxed.  Be relaxed.

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