You have heard of right?

Of course you have, everyone is talking about them these days.  Fox news, CNN, New York Times… everyone.  There hasn’t been this much talk about outdoor chefs… since all those turkey fires when frying a turkey became “cool”.

The BBQ Addicts are a group of Q-ers that are actually members of the Burt Finger BBQ group – a group that holds their own with anyone known for BBQ.  In fact, they beat up on fellow BBQers at competitions… so beware.  haha

Anyhow – I come to you today not to blow their horn, well kinda… but more to bring you my next thing to master on the grill – the BACON EXPLOSION.  Yup… get ready for a cardiac arrest via pork parts. 

The Bacon Explosion RecipeBBQ Addicts

Vegans… run now, don’t click that link.  There is nothing to see there.  Seriously.  Imagine a lil pig being used and abused for a BBQers sick fantasy.  Imagine the worst.  Then slap BBQ sauce on it.  That is about what your going to see.

In other words…


If you are interested, we can invite a few people to try the monster of pork-E-ness.  I will decide when and then let people know.  All I know is… I am going to be there.  Drunk most-likely.

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