And The Winner Of The Fiskars Pruners/Loppers Is…

Two for one today – can’t beat that w/ a stick (that sounded so redneck – sorry).  DAGNABIT!  I don’t even know what that means to be honest, I heard it on a TV when I was 4.  Let’s move on to the winners…

First the Fiskars PowerGear Pruners go to…

AWEOMSe - Winner of the Fiskars PowerGear Pruners

Congrats to Anita Woodward – who now can prune until she has nothing left to prune.  HOORAY!  We can’t wait to hear how these thing work, it is the one Fiskars tool we have yet to use – I have no clue why.

Next, we are giving away the Fiskars PowerGear Anvil Super Pruner (Loppers)… are you guys on the edge of your seats?!?  OMG OMG OMG….

Funny story.  One time about a year or more ago – I used my loppers to take down an oleander to a nub…  now the humor lies in the fact that I was just going to “trim it up”.  Shala walks into the back yard and here is the oleander that used to be 7 ft tall, unruly – just not the coolest thing to look at… and now it was 12 inches high and not a green leaf remained.  This took all of about 15 min.  With my Fiskars in hand, I walked passed her (mouth still wide open in shock).  The good news is, that plant looks great now, we keep it trimmed up nice and neat – but just to show you how easy they are to use and how quick you can transform something.

Oh yeah… we are pulling a winner.  🙂  How ya like that?  American Idol kinda suspense.  Let’s do this…

Winner of Fiskars Anvil Super Pruner Loppers

Congrats to TeeRiddle – I assume that isn’t this person’s true real name.  Unless he/she is some European model that just goes by one name.  But nevertheless – you got you some LOPPERS!  Now you can run around lopping everything in sight.  Sounds fun to me.

Thanks for those that participated and shared this w/ so many people.  Thanks to our Twitter friends (follow us @DoubleDanger) and Facebook pals that spread the word like the plague.  Also – this thing is FAR from over… really – this is only the beginning.  And don’t be surprised (hint hint) when you hear Fiskars giving away some more goodies later on.  Thanks to Fiskars for providing the goods to this awesome giveaway!  Go hit their website (click any of the links above) and check out all their awesome products.  I stand behind them 100%… well, I mean… yeah.  I like them.


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  1. I received my pruners today. Rose bush be warned, these things are awesome and they are coming for your dead parts.

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