Gardening: Deeper Than The Roots

My plan today was to come in and tell everyone what we did this weekend, update everyone on how much we got done.  How many plants we bought… how it turned out after planting.  You know… pretty much like every Monday.  However, I wanted to talk on something a little deeper than how to water your root ball.

Shala & I love gardening.  We love growing our own veggies, we enjoy watching something grow from seed and mature into a fruit-bearing plant.  It is something that cannot be matched in our book.  The whole experience is special to us.  We think back on the year before and what we did or didn’t do.  It is a brain exercise that we constantly are doing, thinking back on plant names or what type of sun or watering they need.  You will be surprised how much data your lil brains can hold.

Plant Labels - AKA our life.

It is fun to walk through nurseries and see plants we have never seen or to see plants that have quietly become our favorites over the years.  Even small nurseries at the hardware store are worth a quick stroll through – and the big ones might take an hour of our time.  We talk with folks about what worked for them, or with the nursery owners or workers that are there for the people/plants more than the job.

Nursery (Casa Verde in Midland)

Sometimes we are looking at seeds or at plants and some older lady comes up and schools us on a few things…

“Have you ever grown from seed before?”

“You know that you can’t plant those facing West right?”

We smile and engage slightly and then joke about it as we walk away – knowing they are just speading their knowledge around, because in their eyes… gardening is a dying trend.  Little do they know… we are bringing it back.  Our generation will never let it die.

One of the best parts of gardening is the time we get to spend together.  I know all the guys are out there going…

“Is this guy for real??!?!  Is this the same guy that BBQs on the weekend and drinks beer?”

Yeah, it’s me.  The fat one with the beer planted firmly in his grasp.  But I am also the onet hat would much rather spend a day in the yard planting & pruning & weeding… with my wife, than anything else. 

Hate me if you want to, you are welcome to have your opinions – but I just speak the truth.  Being outside with your best friend and getting some time away from the TV, the internet… the phone… it is an escape like no other.  I suggest it to anyone that is having questions about life… you can find the answers in the garden.

So for those coming here today in hopes of finding a way to treat ants, or how to smoke some pork ribs even… have at it, but know that the things we do, we do for a deeper reason that the end result.  Gardening never really has an end result, a true gardener is never done.

And a true gardener knows that it is a lot deeper than the roots.

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