Got Great Big Plants? We Do

Great Big Plants - Organic Fertilizer, Compost TeaLast year we decided we needed to find a “green” fertilizer or organic fertilizer – whatever you want to call it.   We found lots of options, including (but not limited to):

Fish emulsion

Seaweed emulsion

Granule based fertilizer mixtures


Vermicompost tea

Compost tea

And the list goes on and on…

While looking, we came across what ended up being our final choice.  A product called Great Big Plants (or GBP as we like to call it).  Great Big Plants is a compost concentrate that you add when you watering (mix it into your watering can) – and it gives your plants a nice kick in the backside.

We used it last year, but not consistently – this year we just started with it (we have been busy ok!) and plan to keep it consistent from here on out.  It is so easy to use, I mean you just add it to your watering can (that sounds so old school) and apply it to the base of the plant.  Done.

Then you can sit back, drink a cold one and field questions from your friends when they can’t believe your GREAT BIG PLANTS.  See how I worked that in?  Yeah… I have been working on that for a week.  haha  No, but really a great  product for those that maybe can’t do a compost bin/heap.  This is like having a compost bin… in a bottle.  Trust us.

So if you have a minute, and want to read more about Great Big Plants – here is a link to their website…

Visit Great Big Plants

Tell them we sent you, or don’t… doesn’t really matter.  They have tons of info to read and several different versions of the compost concentrate – so check ’em all out.

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