The AeroGarden Is Cool… Real Cool

Last year I picked up an AeroGarden for Shala.  Since doing so – we have grown tons of lettuce, basil, parsley, dill and cilantro.  It really has been a neat lil’ toy – but most importantly it has allowed for things during these cold months that we wouldn’t normally be able to grow.

Cilantro & Basil growing in the AeroGarden

This morning we picked Cilantro & Basil (regular & purple).  And we still have a bunch left to pick.

AeroGardening our asses off.

Wondering if anyone else has one of these guys?  I know they are pricey – but at the same time… so is regular gardening (when you are a true addict).  We like ours, and are amazed at how fast & effecient things grow in it.  So in other words…

Are you an AeroGardener?  And if so – do you think yours is as cool as we think ours is?

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