Things Are Happening In The Garden – Finally

So we have been on garden-watch for the past month or so just begging our plants to do SOMETHING.  But they don’t listen.  We buy them things.  We pet them.  We baby them like no other…

but nothing seems to really do the trick.

They are stubborn.  Like us.

But finally, this week – a few of them have budged.  Yesterday we were walking around in the heat snapping pics and hi5-ing each other as we saw each new development.  So it is only fair for us to share with you guys eh?

So here ya go…

First Jalapeno

You have likely seen this guy before, but he has gotten so BIG.  We are proud.  Our lil boy’s growing up!

Okra Growing In The Garden

Disregard the ant… he was being an asshole and wouldn’t move.  This is our okra.  It is slow growing, but growing still… working on its second set of tru leaves – we can’t wait to jump head first into some fried okra this summer.

Lime on our lime tree

We had a million blooms this year, and thought – man we are going to actually get some limes this time around.  Well then they all fell off, we got 40MPH winds – and so on.  But this lil guy and one other are still hanging on.  I’m sure it will fall off, but hopefully it will be garnishing a beer at some point.  Who knows?

Fushcia Flower

Shala’s Fuschia is pimpin’ as ever.  We murdered one of these last year in about a week (record time).  So we are happy to see it doing so awesome.  The foliage is nice and healthy – not to mention about 100 blooms on it.  I know Nestmaker just threw up from all the blooms.  Sorry.

Fuschia Flower Blooms

Just had to give you a closeup of one.  So cool.  Ok – enough.

Tomato Blooms Starting

Ok – you know you see them in there.  The first lil blooms of our tomato season.  Right there in the crotch… see it?  We do.  FINALLY.  Maybe we can get them germinated pollinated (wrong word sorry hehe) and then next pics we take will be baby tomato butts.  We can only hope so.

Strawberries - well at least the blooms

Yup, that is a strawberry bloom – nice and healthy.  We saved this guy from death – since Lowe’s didn’t think it was worth saving.  Now it is about to produce some of its first strawberries.  MmmmMmmm.

How does your garden grow?  Anything we should know about?  Any new blooms, new veggies… anything?  Do share.

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