4 Ways NOT To Spend Your Tax Rebate Check

Buying a video game isn't always the best way to spend your tax rebate check.With tax rebate checks hitting American’s checking accounts and mailboxes this past week (and today), people are wondering what to spend their tax rebate check on.  This is a hard decision; however it can easily be made a bit clearer by eliminating some of those things that you are thinking of spending your tax rebate check on. 

We tried to span these across the ages some – I really doubt that my Mother is wondering if she should buy the latest star wars toy… but she might be planning to gamble her’s away.   So use any that apply to you… pass them on to those that might enjoy it. 

Whatever you do – be sure to spend your tax rebate on something worth while and well thought out.  Here are some suggestions on 4 ways NOT to spend your tax rebate check.

Don’t gamble with you new money.

If you live around some of the Indian casinos around the US or even worse… you live in Nevada, you have surely gotten something in the mail saying…

“Cash your tax rebate check at the casino and we will give you a 25% slot bonus!”

You think they would be doing this if they were not making money?  Come on.  The best way to double your money at a casino… fold your stash in half and put it in your pocket.  Turn around, and walk out.  Do not let this “gift” from uncle same end up in someone else’s pocket… seriously.  Play a small stake poker game with some buddies if you really need a fix.

Don’t buy another action figure.

That new joker figure isn’t going to keep your wheels from falling off next summer when your car decides to give out.  That star wars character isn’t going to be the last production… it never is.  And really, does your desk need one more toy on it?  I mean you can barely get any work done as it is.  You can laugh and act like I am not talking to you… but the bottom-line is, it isn’t going to make you any cooler, one day be worth millions (because it is still in the plastic) or convince me otherwise… leave it for the kiddos.

You do not need ANOTHER video game system do you?

I know there are tons of good ones out now, 360… PS3 – but really, all it is going to do is make you buy more crap afterwards.  Your check will be long gone and you will be spending your hard-earned money on more games and crap that will glue your butt to your couch.  Take that same money and get something that gets you outside, like a bike or some running shoes.  Go smell a flower or play in the dirt, quit buying items to sit and stare at all day and lower your activity and motivation levels!  I know I used video games as the example here, but TVs and clothes…  things that you have, but maybe just want to upgrade should be looked at as no-no(s).  Try to get something that is an investment instead.

Buying the bar out isn’t going to really create that many friends for you.

So you got your 600$ check by way of direct deposit and now you want to have the biggest night out with your friends ever.  Bottles are flowing, people are really partying up.  Good job.  Tomorrow morning you will be hugging the toilet, broke as hell and thinking… crap, that wasn’t at all what I imagined.  So long tax rebate check, thanks for stimulated my economy… or my gag reflex at least.  No matter how many drinks you buy… you will  not be cool.  Trust me.  And even if you do make a few friends… are they really the type of friends you want?  Prolly not.

There are so many positive ways to spend your economic stimulus check, and by steering clear of these tax rebate killers.  Buy a gas card, go to sears or somewhere oferring a percentage kickback and make a purchase that you have researched.  The whole thing is to look at what best suits your needs.  If you have debt problems, fix them.  If you need new glasses… get them.  Don’t spend it on nonsense.  Please.  If you are looking for some ways to spend your tax rebate check – read our article on: The Top 14 Ways To Spend Your Tax Rebate Check Wisely

I would like to thank those that lent their opinions to help form this article.  Our friends Corey, Kendra, ghost and just to name a few.  We don’t claim to have all the answers here at Double Danger – we make that clear quite often.  However, we work hard to gather and try to voice as many as we can find.  Be sure to sign up for our RSS feed if you haven’t yet, you can get updates via email when new posts are posted or you can just read it in your favorite RSS reader as well.

4 thoughts on “4 Ways NOT To Spend Your Tax Rebate Check”

  1. I know, I know. You’re right. I can commit to NOT buying action figures. The rest… I just don’t know if I can do it. But I will try to listen to your voice when standing at the Craps table. But what if the table’s hot? Then what? Does that mean I have a problem?

  2. Daryl Auclair – Thanks for stopping by, you can read though a few posts to see what we are spending ours on. We have planned a pool area that we are going to use the check as our budget.

    Hopefully it will keep us cool come the hot hot summer here in Texas. For years to come.

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