Eating In: 1 Week Down (and going strong!)

You read that right… one week in the books, and we are going strong.  Seems like it has been 2 years or something, but nevertheless – a week is a good start.

So as you can tell, we aren’t really blogging about our meals every single day… just the big “new” meals.  Last night, we had leftover ribs/potatoes/beans… but since we had shown you the original meal – we figured we would spare (is that rib joke?) you the boredom that is leftovers.  This weekend we had frito pie one meal (with Shala’s Grandma’s homemade chili), a big breakfast… hot pockets… you name it.  Yet we spared everyone the pictures and boring reading of “we had hot pockets last night”.

There were mentions of the “rules” over at Anita’s blog – but honestly, this is a self-paced exam… not a timed test.  We aren’t going to hold you over the fire and demanding you to cook something from scatch every meal.  Hell, not even 1 meal.  The point is not going to Sonic… or not going to Olive Garden to eat something you could make at the house for a fraction of the cost.  Frozen dinners one meal… big deal.  Sandwiches the next… fair enough.  Just don’t break down and go out and eat (or fast food).  Simple enough.

It might seem like we are cooking extravagant meals every time we post – but that isn’t true.  We have a core set of meals we like to cook that we have learned are easy and awesome.  They might look over the top… but that is called staging people.  Yes, we stage the meals for you.  Are you happy?  Just kidding.  But seriously, Chicken Fried Steak isn’t hard… nor extravagant.

On a similar note… if you are running low on recipes – hit us up and we will email you some of ours.  We have a nice set of easy, affordable recipes, and we don’t mind sharing.

Tonight we are having Shala’s parents over, we are having Ribeyes, baked potatoes & Salad (and probably some kind of canned veggie).  So we will definitely stage some pics for your enjoyment.  😉

How is your quest going?  Still sticking with it?  Fell off the wagon?  Let us know.  It helps to have others doing it with us… so we love to hear what you had – it gives us ideas.

1 thought on “Eating In: 1 Week Down (and going strong!)”

  1. Can’t remember the last time we went out to eat… oh wait… mixer for one of our boards was held at a Thai restaurant two weeks ago. The non-profit paid. Doesn’t count. LOL

    We’ve been eating in (and LOCAL) as often as possible. The food in restaurants starts to be very unsatisfying and looks more and more expensive.

    Some advice: keep those core recipes handy and get yourself some “fast food” you can make in around 15 minutes. Our fav “fast food” is to throw some sausage in a pan with onions and garlic then throw our canned tomatoes on top of it. Deglaze the pan with the juice of the tomatoes and let it simmer for a little while. I think we have this one to 15 minutes maybe 20 if we add sliced potatoes to the mix. Ladle into bowls and you’re on your way.

    Keep it up!! You can do it!!

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