How Does Your Garlic Grow?

Today is National Garlic Day.  How cool is that, we didn’t even know that was a real thing… but sure enough.  So in celebration of National Garlic Day – we are going to go to Olive Garden and have garlic leaking from our pores for a day or so going to show you our barrel full of garlic (and onions… and some volunteer mixed greens).   Enjoy…

Garlic Sprout

Garlic Sprout

Garlic Shoots

First Garlic Shoots

Garlic Behind Izzy

Garlic (behind Izzy)

Garlic & Greens

Garlic & Greens

Are you growing any garlic?  Have you in the past?  Tell us about it.  Any tips? What is your favorite recipe using garlic?  It is National Garlic Day – let’s celebrate it together!

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