Oh… BTW, We Won.

I know a few of you were wondering if we were forced out of our house for mere pennies, or did the private Christian school do the right thing.

They did.

It has been super stressfull, too damn busy and overall sucky for the past couple months.  But we made it.  We got what we needed and we will be moving into our new house in November. 

Overall we upgraded.  Our new house has 4 bedrooms (we only had 3), 2 bath, 2 car garage (which we didn’t have before), about 400-500 more square foot, 2 living areas (we only had 1 before), a sunroom (we didn’t have one of these) and its on a cul de sac (we were on a very busy street with all the school traffic).

How’s that for an upgrade?!?!

So now we begin the whole packing, inspecting, appraising, financing, moving… all that crap.  Yay.  My favorite part.

We are getting new carpet put in all the bedrooms and living room of the new house and we are going to redo the living room before doing so.  On top of that, we are going to put up a new fence before we move in as well… so we have some work to do, but we are excited to get on with it.

If there is a moral to this story…

If you work hard enough at something, “it all works out“.

Don’t get me started.

8 thoughts on “Oh… BTW, We Won.”

  1. Congratulations on the upgrade. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the new place. You didn’t mention the garden, what’s it like? You have sunny places for your veggies? Good trees? Are you taking the swimming pool?

  2. @ghost – I believe we put in some work on that master plan is all I’m saying.

    @Megan – Thanks! Yeah, we actually can’t wait to see pics too – since we have this blur of what it looks like… since we looked at so many. The garden, well we will be of course portioning off some of the backyard to make a spot for one. Good strong older trees if we remember and yes we will be taking the pool with us. As soon as we get a chance we will update everyone with what we will have to work with.

  3. @deb – agreed, relief isn’t even the word over here.

    @Kristi – we can’t wait to see it either, honestly. haha

    @Amy – we can’t wait to get going and snappin’ some pics for everyone to see.

    Thanks everyone for your support and thoughts.

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