I *Heart* You Internet

We had a string of storms roll through our area a few days back and it caused quit a stir.  A pretty busy portion of town had poles snapped and with no power for a day or so… it caused chaos for our growing city.  To say the least.

Well as part of the power outage, we lost internet in other parts of town with a certain provider.  We just happened to be one of those that lost internet… here at my workplace.  Now for some of you, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  You can flip burgers without internet, you can run your retail store without internet, you can do hair without internet… but for a company like ours, it was bad news.  BAD NEWS.  SUPER BAD.

So it has been one big disaster after another, but looks like we are back up and running.  🙂

That is how I am able to transmit to the masses my frustrations via this weblog you frequently read for gardening & barbeque goodness.  So rejoice, both parts of Double Danger are back in action… like it or not. 

If something good comes out of all of this…

We got some rain.  Two days in a row.  REAL RAIN.  FROM THE HEAVENS!  Our plants spent yesterday high-5’n each other and doing their best impressions of healthy plants.  We didn’t know how to react really… we just ran with it… high-5’n each other and doing our best impressions of parents of healthy plants.  It was all odd to say the least.

One last tidbit of info before I retire into my mess of work…

The storm that caused all the chaos, breaking telephone poles and such… it was started off by a “heat burst”.  So at about 11:45 Monday night, it was 98 degrees all of a sudden.  Was wickedly scary.  Wind blowing 60-70 MPH.  Can you imagine 98 degrees at midnight?  Our air conditioner was not high-5’n at all.  Por favor believe it.

3 thoughts on “I *Heart* You Internet”

  1. @deb – yeah it was pretty crazy, at least the heat & wind thing. Never seen anything like that before.

    @Amy – yes the plants are happy. Not to mention it is raining at the moment as well. Hoooray!

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