A Few Choice Photos From Our Vacation

These, by no means are the best or even close to all of them – but just wanted to share a few so people would get off our backs.

Of course I didn’t mean you.  You would never frustrate us.  Surely.  I meant the other person that reads us.

Enjoy, if you would like to look at more before we post them and do somewhat of a trip report… feel free and click here.

The Muster Drill

(Above) The Muster Drill – not mentioned in the brochure, that is for certain.

Old Ships

(Above) Old ships we went past at Nassau, Bahamas.

Half Moon Cay

(Above) The beach at Half Moon Cay.  We rented a cabana there – it was very nice.

Nassau Lighthouse

(Above) The Nassau lighthouse is always a great photo, you can’t mess it up.

Ship @ Half Moon Cay

(Above) The ship in the distance, Carnival Destiny – the one in the front… umm no clue.

James & Shala

(Above) James & Shala in Ft. Lauderdale at the beach.  Note the perma-grin.

James In Ft. Lauderdale @ The Beach

(Above) James at the Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

Obama for mankind.

(Above) Be sure to vote.  Nassau had their favorite on display.

6 thoughts on “A Few Choice Photos From Our Vacation”

  1. @Heidi – Thank you, we won’t work too hard – promise. We actually can’t, our body’s are still rocking and our brains are mush from all the drinks. 😉

    @ghost – if you only knew what that experience was like… if you only knew. The muster drill is prolly the dumbest thing ever – I would have to explain.

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