And The Second Winner Is…

It is that time again… who will win the Etsy Print we were giving away yesterday?  Just as we did yesterday, we will let decide.  So drumroll please…

Winner (Day 2)

There you have it.  Sally Kelley… if you could, send us an email (doubledanger[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com) and include your shipping info and we pass it on to yaelfran.  If you won, or not… please run over and check out all of yaelfran’s awesome Etsy prints & custom jewelry – it is the least you can do for having the chance to win this gardening print.

Day 3… coming up!

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  1. I read recently that we should all be careful to wash produce that has been sprayed with certain compost teas. There can be some danger of ecoli bacteria. Still, it’s a great way to fertilize.

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