And The Tree Trimming Continues

As many of you know, I worked on getting our dead tree down this past weekend.  Really my plan was to just get the small stuff cut down, so that one weekend we could really get after it and take the big ones down.

Well… when you get going on those type of things, you just don’t want to stop.  So I worked for about 4 hours Saturday straight and had half the tree down.  The problem with this is the fact that I had no real intention of cutting down the big stuff so here was about a ton of wood laying on the ground and all I had was a pole saw to chop it up with.

Not cool.

Our friend Chris said he would help out, but I don’t think he knew what he was walking into, when he showed up he looked at it all and went straight for the beer.  I don’t blame him, I was half drunk by that time anyhow.  The massive amounts of wood that had to be cut up and stacked seemed to force a man to drinking.

If there was a plus side, most of the stuff was pretty dead – so it could be broke just with a swift kick.  So after a long break (it started acting like it was going to storm), we started in on it again.  Chris busted ass to get most of the small stuff broke down while I cut up the larger stuff with the pole saw.  It was sorta like beating in a nail with a wrench -but it did the job.

After about 2 more hours of work, we had most of it cleaned up and decided that a chainsaw would do the best work so most of the big stuff laid waiting.

Yesterday (Monday) I got out there about 5:30PM and started hacking away at everything again.  Took down two HUGE limbs and some smaller ones as well.  Got them chopped up, along with some more from the days before and began stacking once again.  HOLY HELL IT IS A LOT OF WOOD!  HAVE I MENTIONED THAT!

So after 4 more hours yesterday, here is what we are left with – and hopefully today I can finish it up without many problems.  Lets hope anyhow.  Actually here is a picture of the tree prior to trimming, after trimming and then the wood pile created so far.

Tree Before Trimming

Below you can see what it looks like as of this morning…

Tree After Trimming

Then of course the wood pile, now remember there are about 6-7 huge limbs on the ground as well, not part of that.

Wood Pile

4 thoughts on “And The Tree Trimming Continues”

  1. Saws and beer. Sounds like a good combination.
    There’s something about tree trimming that’s slightly addictive. I find myself sneaking outside in work clothes before a dinner and just taking off a few branches, and then it’s two hours later…

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