Baby Basil Update w/ Pics

We planted basil from seed long long ago.  I can’t remember, I’m sure Shala can.  She has it documented on My Folia or somewhere on a piece of paper, napkin, back of a book or written on the backside of a beer label.  We have good bookkeeping – we didn’t tell you?   We keep it real clear… like freshly cleaned windows. 😉

The basil, once we moved it outside for good – LOVED life.  I mean LOVED.

So here we are months from that point, and the lil guy is growin up… **sniffle sniffle*

We will be makin’ tomato basil soup in no time.  MM mmMmm <<that means good.

Here is the latest picture of our backyard basil.

Basil Pictures - Growing Basil

A few bonus pics… because we are good like that, enjoy.

Cilantro Pictures - Growing cilantro in your garden.

Our smallest (most used) cilantro – healthy.

Cilantro Picture #2 - awesome pics.

The bigger, less used cilantro – healthy also.

Parsley Pictures - growing parsley in your garden.

Parsley trying hard to stay alive.  It is doing good, but not as good as the others.

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