Baby Bell Pepper & Baby Tomato Pictures

The other day, before the hail & wind we snapped some pics of the tiniest bell pepper & the tiniest tomato of all time.  Ok, maybe not the tiniest of all time – but at least in our garden at this time.  It is cool to see them coming alive, and I can only imagine what it will be like this summer when everything is 100%.  I am sure we will be picking and grinning and then handing out our produce to every friend & family member we know. 

We have already lost a few tomatoes since all the bad weather, but we are hoping a few will still make it through.  We will snap a few pics of the stuff and what the status of everything is this weekend, but in the meantime – get to lovin’ these two baby veggies.

Also – check out the onions, and get ready for a how to grow, harvest and care for onion post coming soon!

Baby bell pepper plant pictures

Baby tomato plant pictures at double danger.

Baby Onion pictures in backyard garden.

4 thoughts on “Baby Bell Pepper & Baby Tomato Pictures”

  1. you know, in the event of a complete collapse of our economy, you two are still gonna be able to eat. unless you cant find seed. hmm.

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