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I mentioned earlier how we had picked up a few more plants and also that our squash & cucumbers had broken into this world.  I took some pics at lunch and figured I would share.  There are pictures of our squash & cucumbers, all of the potted plants and also the peach tree in full bloom.  It isn’t in the garden – but had to snap a pic before I forgot.

Also – forgive me for having to post a few pics of the dogs as I snapped a few candid shots of them as well.

So if your starting your very own garden or just wondering what is going on in ours – enjoy the pics below.

This is day 3 of the squash above ground - unreal how fast they grow.

Day 3 above ground… never have I seen a plant grow this fast.  Awesome.

Cucumbers on day 3 above ground - growing good.

The cucumbers have been above ground for 3 days also – growing strong as well.

All the potted veggies before we plant

Back row is bell pepper closest to you, two jalapenos in one big pot, red one on the end is tomato.  The front row is jalapeno, hot portugal, sweet cayene, santiago hybrid and banana peppers.

All the seedlings that still need tons of sun... son.

Up top is the squash, cucumbers, okra, basil, parsley, 2 types of tomatoes and the big tin has morning glories for the flower bed actually.

Peach Tree in Full Bloom

Very nice, hoping it will produce some nice peaches this year.

Izzy Wating at the door.

She wanted in so bad… she always wants in so bad.

Izzy & Mikey loves each other - in a wierd way.

They love that patch of grass – they laid those sections last year before we moved in.  The dogs haven’t left them since we moved in.

I take too many pics of her - I know.

She looks little and wierd in the face… but she still is my dog and I love her.  I told her to stay and backed up and snapped this one.  I haven’t got to start balancing crap on her face just yet (like Heather over at Dooce)… but I’m getting there.

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  1. i GOTTA get ours going… craziness… too focused on finishing out the construction…

    ya’lls looks really nice… and the dog… eh, she don’t look wierd… pretty pup.

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