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Once again it has been awhile since I graced our blog, the last time was June 18th to be exact.  It’s not that I don’t love our blog and everyone elses that I read, it’s just that James is the writer of the family so I let him write while I do all of the watering, babying, picture taking, pruning, planting and all the other hard work.   He gets off extremely easy if you ask me!  Ignore those posts about that tree, I’m the one doing all the work but I choose to let him take credit, he needs to feel like a man!

Ok, ok back to the blooming.

As James posted a couple of days ago, we had nice rain this weekend and it has really helped all of the plants.  I did water a little bit yesterday so that things didn’t completely dry out.  Our weather has been quiet unusual and the overcast, cool days are a nice change.  Our plants are loving it and are showing us some great blooms.

First off is MY celebrity tomato plant.  I picked it out because it looked like a great plant, actually I liked the name but whatever the reason was it has been growing good and is finally putting off some blooms.  We haven’t had many tomato blooms and I think that it is due to the extremely hot weather, but with the cool front came these blooms.  Maybe it will stay cool enough for a couple more to show up.

Tomato Plant Bloom

Next, our first pink canna bloom.  The yellow one bloomed what seems like forever ago so I was excited to see these blooms.  You can see behind the flower that there is a whole bunch of them just waiting to burst open. 

Pink Canna Bloom

We have posted quiet a few up close 4 oclock pictures but none of the whole flower bed full of them so I tried to snap some pictures last night.  We call these our 7:30 oclocks because that is about the time they bloom.  I had never noticed their scent until last night.  It isn’t very strong but is very sweet and nice.   These flowers have quickly become one of my favorite things in the yard.  They require very little water, are sturdy so they stand up against west Texas wind and they are beautiful when in full bloom.

4 oclocks in bloom

pink and yellow 4 oclocks in bloom

I hope that everyone has a very fun and safe 4th of July weekend.  Our weekend is already booked and we plan to enjoy every minute of it!

2 thoughts on “Blooming Updates”

  1. Your 7:30 O’clocks are beautiful! I had a large planting of those a couple of years ago and mine blooms very late in the afternoon and early evening as well. I think they shoudl be called dusk o’clocks. LOL

    I’m sure you’ll be out at the barbeque all weekend. ENJOY! We’re finally going to have a string of more than one day rain-free. I see adventures on the pontoon boat for sure.

    Happy 4th!

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