Cantaloupe Pictures – GROW GROW GROW!

Just like our black diamond watermelons, our cantaloupes are loving the heat and weather lately.  They are in the middle of a growth spurt as well and have doubled in size this past week or so.  Shala is a big fan of cantaloupe (I like watermelon a bit more) and I know she is excited about them.  Check them out below in all their glory.

Cantaloupe Pictures (growing)

3 Responses to “Cantaloupe Pictures – GROW GROW GROW!”

  1. Hey y’all, Middle Monkey is growing a couple of black diamond watermelon vines too. I just hope we can get the vines trained in a way that won’t take over the garden.

  2. yeah we are going to hang them from the fence… and pray they do not take over. We shall see how that works. ;)

  3. mmm I love cantaloupe – I think I like it even better than watermelon though maybe not

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