Don’t Be Looking At Our Melons

… you know what we mean.

With some awesome unexpected rain a few time in the past couple of weeks, our watermelons & cantaloupes are doing great!  We are seeing some vines & honestly… we are thinking a week and we will see flowering.  Can’t wait.  In the meantime, here are a few pics of the black diamond watermelons we have growing on (get it… like “we have going on”… but instead of going… we said growing.  Get it?  it is a play on words, nevermind).

Black Diamond Watermelon

Black Diamond Watermelon Pictures

Black Diamond Water melon pictures

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Looking At Our Melons”

  1. Way to go James. Those melons are looking good so far. Keep us posted cause we love to see the progress. By the way, in the three years I hosted Fresh From the Garden on DIY we did 52 shows and countless crops from seed to harvest. The ONLY crop failure I had were my water melons. Make me proud sir!

  2. @Joe Lamp’l – Thanks for stopping by Joe, we are proud of our melons – so far. We had some go south last year… so we will wait until we are biting into them before we start celebrating. haha

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