Double Danger Barbeque (BBQ) Tips: Chill Out

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Back in January we spent our weekend in a small town, with some family, some cold weather and some good food.  A perfect storm.  I volunteer’d my BBQ services since we were already going to be there and honestly, is there a more economical way to feed a ton of people?  No way. Well… maybe sandwiches.  But still.

We are in a recession people.  What a perfect time to BBQ!


Anyhow, I extracted a very good tip to share with everyone, but yet I forgot to pass it on…  Until now.  And it is one you would never think of. 

Some of the best BBQ can be done in cold temperatures.

It’s true!

In the Summer sometimes you sit around and fight the fire all day – trying to keep it from getting super hot.  Winter or early spring provides you with cooler temps and honestly – it makes for some good cooking.  I’m not saying you don’t fight the fire still – but it seems like your temp stays down easier and what is better than gathering around a fire when its cold?!?

Gathered around a fire with some cold beer of course. 

When you dont’ even have to have ice… sign me up.  Seriously though, don’t pack away the pit too tight come winter.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

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