Double Danger Dog Photo Shoot

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Sometimes while snappin’ pics it seems to turn into a photo shoot or something.  I start looking through pics and I will have 50 or so.  I am like damn… 

One cool thing, and you might try this at home if you take lots of digital pictures.  I never delete them until the next time I upload pics again.  I store the photos in a “dump” folder that is more like a landing dock – everything gets looked at (look at it on your computer – the camera might be lying to you), then the good ones posted & sorted.  Instead of deleting out any right then… I leave them there.

Next time I come and download a few pics those are still in there.  I can look at them a second time before deciding which to delete.  Sometimes you will find a few more that are worthy of keeping.  I do however, delete everything left in the folder after the next batch is dowloaded.  Keeps space free’d up and things have a nice consistency.  OCD… gotta love it.

Ok… tip of the day time is over.  Lets get back to it.

 I got off a little early on Friday and decided to hang out in the backyard since it was a nicer afternoon than normal (weather-wise).  I was throwing back a few cold ones, throwing the ball around for Izzy & Mikey and just relaxing after a tough last month or so at work.  I grabbed the camera and came away with a handfull of pics worthy of blogging.  Below are a few that made the cut.

Izzy & Mikey... Izzy laid out cold.

Izzy was passed out.  Mikey oblivious.

Izzy - what an awesome shot.


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