Double Danger Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Tip #1

How many of you are planning a BBQ this weekend?  Too many.  Wait… can there be too many BBQ(s)?  Nah – that is like having a too much money, or too much bacon…  just can’t do it.

To help you BBQ the best you can, we are stringing together a few easy to remember tips this weekend – so keep coming back often.

First tip… ALWAYS have a BBQ rag to keep your hands clean.  Seriously, this seems simple – but it is important.  The last thing you want to do is have dirty hands – because then you have dirty beer…

No one likes a dirty beer.

I have the same BBQ Rag. Ever.Single.Time.  I feel naked (nekked) if I’m w/out it – here is mine…

A Special BBQ Rag - What You Need!

I know some of you gangstas out there are going to say – hey… dont’ be disrespecting our “color” like that.  Not my intent my gangsta buddies.  Total respect to the Crip BBQers out there – nothing but respect.  I’m an equal opportunity gangsta BBQer – sometimes I might rock the red – sometimes the blue… this is mine at the moment.  Simple & effective.

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