Eating In: Taco Tuesday (Day 1)

What are the odds we will be able to stick to this for a month straight?  Some say slim, some say we can do it.  The real test will be blogging each day to keep everyone in the know.  Can we blog for a month straight… that is a test in itself.

Last night we had some visitors, on day one – normally we would have went out and ate… however, since we disclaimed our goals beforehand, everyone seemed happy to join in on the Eating In challenge.  So last night, we fed ourselves and my parents and our 2 nieces.  Even with a few more guests, we probably spent about 15$ tops for the entire meal.  If we would have went out and ate… geeze… probably would have cost 100$ or so.

Here is the spread, and then we will give you a breakdown of the meal.

Eating In: Taco Tuesday (Day 1)

Tacos up close

This meal consisted of the following:

Crispy Tacos

Burritos/Soft Taco (whatever you want to call them)

Refried Beans

Chips & Salsa (homemade)


Toppings (lettuce/cilantro/tomatoes/cheese)

Not a bad first meal.  Shala & I make some killer guacamole & salsa, so that was a awesome to snack on until the meal was ready.  Throw in a few cold beers and some good conversation and we were set.  Like I said before, we had a few of the things for this meal stored away in our cabinets/fridge (beans, chips, cilantro, lettuce, green onion, beer) – so it made this meal even a little cheaper (remember we are pulling the prices from our first venture to the store only).  The lettuce came from the Aerogarden – so that is always a good thing.

So dinner #1 is in the books.  Breakfast & lunches were of course on track yesterday as well, but who wants to see pictures of our sandwiches or breakfast bars?  That wouldn’t be that cool now would it?  Nope.  We will try and get a post up in the coming days of our menu we chose for the next two weeks, that way everyone can get ideas maybe, to change up your own household menu.

What did you eat last night?

4 thoughts on “Eating In: Taco Tuesday (Day 1)”

  1. Im glad you guys are doing this. I makes it a bit easier to stay with those goals I have been trying to stick to since new years. Again, its all about my own laziness.

    Another reason I am glad your doing this is I am always looking for new recipes so that things don’t get boring around here.

    So does eating at home everyday this month count if you go to one of the parents houses or elsewhere but they home cooked the meal? Just curious.

  2. Same as y’all! Hubby and I had taco salad in those taco bowl shells with ground beef (for him, I’m a vegetarian), refried beans, homemade spanish rice, cheese, veggies and salsa. Taco Tuesday indeed. I think tonight I’m going to make eggplant parmesan.

  3. Looks like a great spread!

    We had tacos last night too, but (hanging head in shame) they were from Taco Villa. Since I had to do some remote work from home, we were very short on time so we grabbed dinner on the way to the house. Tacos are such a great & simple thing to make at home, I’m kicking myself for not doing so more often.

    By the way, in a dish like this where the meat isn’t heavily disguised or under layers of sauce, going with really fresh, organic beef does make a distinct taste difference. We almost always buy our ground beef from a “Mom & Pop” meat market just down the street and it is worlds apart from what you get at the grocery store. Plus, we just like doing whatever we can to support local folks too.

  4. @Anita – I think it counts. The point is not eating fast food or going out to eat. So eating at other people’s houses I think is fair game. And I guess we are making the rules… so who cares. haha By next week – we will be all…

    “So… I think if you go get fast food and someone else pays for it… its ok.” haha

    @Jen W. – You are becoming a regular, beware… we are contagious. Eggplant parm huh… mmmMmm sounds good. We do a chicken parm, but never have tried eggplant. Perhaps we will soon enough.

    @Rob O. – We will look the other way on the Taco Villa tacos… I hope Shala doesn’t read this. She is a fiend for Taco Villa. Probably her fav. fast food. Good idea on the local meat market. We tend to just pick it up from HEB.

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