Finally Got A New Camera

We have been having issues with our old camera (lens errors) and it was taking some of the crappiest pictures ever lately.  Not good for some folks that need their camera to keep posting great content for the masses… right?

We didn’t really shop for long for one, as it seems like the unless you want to spend $800 on a camera – most in our range of 200 bucks are about the same.  If you are some kind of camera freak… don’t start preaching to us about how they aren’t all the same… because I don’t care to listen.  😉  At least not today, try back next week.

We opted for the FujiFilm FinePix Z.  Sounds fancy huh.  Not really, seems kinda cheap compared to our last one (it was a Canon) as far as weight and feel… this one seems light and cheaply constructed.  Oh well… you get what you pay for eh?

It was about 170 bucks with tax and all.  So we can’t complain that much.  10 Megapixels, which after a certain point… does it really matter?  I mean who needs more than 7 or 8?  Unless your some pro getting money for your shots.  And please believe it that no one has sent us a check yet.  😉  Not yet anyhow.

So we were excited to try our new toy out yesterday and ran around like lil kiddos snapping pics and going oooooh and ahhhhh.  Pretty easy to use and overall great picture quality.  We shall see over the next week if we are still hi-5’n each other over our latest purchase.  So stay tuned for that.

Let’s get on with some pics taken by our newest member of the family… PIX-Z  😉

Izzy - Being Beautiful As Usual

I have to put a vote in for Izzy being the most beautiful dog on the planet.  Nice quality with the camera as well, was surprised, it trumps our old one in that respect.

Izzy - also beautiful as ever.

She has that permanent look on her face.  You know the look – “Do you have a ball, stick, sock, rock, peach, camera that I can play with?”  Again, great quality – seemed to get both her and the grass with pretty nice detail.

Peachy Peach

A nice closeup and once again it trumps our old camera – because it actually focuses on what you want to focus on.  Our old camera always seemed to focus on the background or some odd something in the picture.  Not cool.  PIX-Z wins this one.

Vinca - Peppermint Style

Not sure how many times we tried to take this picture only to find it white washed or with NO DETAIL at all with our old camera.  You can really see the hardiness in the leaves and the detail that our old camera lacked.  PIX-Z wins again.


Our Vinca are doing their best impression of healthy plants for ya?  Suprising what a little water can do eh?  Who would have thought.  I think they have doubled in size the last week – maybe I’m crazy though.

4 O'Clocks - AKA 7 O'Clocks at our house.

Not completely happy with this pic, this was done in lower light than they others – which has me worried that our old camera did a better job in those cases.  Oh well – PIX-Z 3, Canon 1.  Pix still winning overall – big time.

4 thoughts on “Finally Got A New Camera”

  1. Terrific zoom shots! I think you did real good with the camera choice. Or as they say here in Maine….”wicked good”.

  2. @Heidi – Thanks, we are pretty happy with it so far – but really we haven’t done a lot with it just yet. “wicked good” eh? Might have to incorporate that into my vocab moving forward.

    @Nancy Bond – Thanks Nancy – for the price… definitely can’t complain.

    @deb – Thanks… oh no.. not another tag. And the same one at that!

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