Garden Give-Away (#1): A Pair of Ethel Gloves

Someone just spit their coffee on their monitor, and wishes this give-away was for a new monitor.  Yup, we are giving away free stuff.  Go figure.

In fact, we are giving away freebies all week, and possibly into next week – we will see how long it lasts.  All of this in honor of National Gardening Month.  So check back daily for your daily gardening give away.  It is easy to play along, simply leave a comment.  Don’t have  to link to us, although – I think we deserve it.  😉  We will draw each give away and try to announce the winner the next day (if we fall behind, we will of course catch up at some point).  If you do win, we will disqualify you from the rest of the contests for this week (I mean it is only fair right?).  So let’s get on with the free stuff.

We have teamed up with Ethel Gloves, who have some of the best gardening gloves on the planet.  And any other planet, from what we know.  Not only a durable glove but also rubberized grip – you can wash them in the washing machine… do I need to keep going?  I didn’t think so.  Figured you were sold on “free gardening gloves”.  These really are great gloves and stylish… seriously, you know you have some shoes that match them that you are dying to wear together.  We thought so.

Ethel Gloves Give-away!

With several styles – it is easy to find one that suits you.  This Spring you HAVE to be the coolest gardener on the block… and these gloves will make you that.  Sorta.  It should help at least, if you act like a total fool while wearing them… I don’t think Double Danger or Ethel Gloves can really take credit for that. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

If you haven’t already – go check out Ethel Gloves, check out their blog too… tell them “hi” for us! 

Just a side note to this give away.  Ethel Gloves just had their first birthday!  Happy Birthday to you… happy birthday to you… and so on.  Anyhow, this effects you in the following way – in celebration, you can get 15% off your purchase at Ethel Gloves!  How sweet is that?  Too freakin’ sweet.  So regardless if you win (but seriously, you will… we promise), you can get 15% off your next purchase @ Ethel Gloves.  Ok… back to the freebies.

So you know what you have to do.  Go down and comment… that will get you entered for the drawing.  Then check back tomorrow for a new give-away and to see if you won!  Tell your friends, tell your enemies… tell your fellow gardeners!  Oh… and Happy National Gardening Month!

33 thoughts on “Garden Give-Away (#1): A Pair of Ethel Gloves”

  1. I like gardening because I’m responsible for the outcome. Work hard, eat well. Slack off and I don’t eat as well. Thanks for the chance to win gloves!

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  3. Considering that all of my garden gloves got used by the contractors for renovation work, I could seriously use a new pair of gloves.

    Great giveaway!

  4. Those gloves look great and work hard. Just like me. Crossing fingers and toes! Mama needs new, cool gardening gloves!

  5. i’m new to the whole gardening thing, but the seeds i’ve started indoors are sprouting… i could use the gloves for this endeavor!

  6. awww I just bought a pair for a gift and only got 10% off. I think that alone should give me a win! Also I reaaally reaaaaaly wanted to buy the blue or red ones, but got the black ones to be practical. So I could get an unpractical pair!

  7. Those are the most stylish gardening gloves I’ve ever seen! Nice protection they afford. How I would love to win such a fashionable, flashy pair of Ethel garden gloves!

  8. Janice_WMassHerbGarden

    Count me in too! I go through 3 or 4 pairs of gloves per season, still looking for the perfect glove…

  9. Free gloves, im in. I dont wan to ruin my manicure. And I actually do have shoes that match those gloves. Have you guys Been going threw my things?

  10. I want some of those gloves! Look tough enough to garden and muck stalls- with some style, even!

  11. Wow, giving away stuff seems to really ring that ole comment bell. I will go ahead an link you up on my daily posts towards the bottom K. Not trying to get any extra considerataion or anything:)

  12. I would love to try some new gloves – my gardening gloves usually last about three weeks before there are holes in the fingers and my nails poke through and break!

  13. Great looking gloves just read about them in Garden Gate magazine. Need a new gloves since mine are all holes.

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