Garden Give-Away (#2): A Garden Etsy Print

Day 2 of many.  Yup.  We get you folks the hook up.  That is how we do things.  PRINT IT ON THE FRONT PAGE NICE AND BIG…


Tell your friends.

Seriously, we are doing this in honor of National Gardening Month, most of these giveaways are based around gardening or going “green”.  But no one cares about this right… they just want the free stuff.

Today’s giveaway comes to us from an awesome Etsy shop owner – yaelfran.  Don’t know a whole heck of a lot about the artist, but we do think that her work is awesome.  A 41 year old mother of two… do I have to say a lot more seriously?  Read more about yaelfran.  I know you are itching to see the piece that will be given away today… on with it.

Assistant Gardening Artwork

Freakin’ cool right?  Very.  We found this one while scrolling through that endless land of ahhs that is known as Etsy.  And immediately we thought we needed to find some way to get this for one of our readers (psssst… that’s you).  This print comes on an 8×10 sheet – but the picture itself is 7×5.  Here is a link to “Assistant” – the print we are giving away today.

So just like yesterday – leave a comment below and you will be entered into the drawing for this awesome print.  All you will have to do is figure out where you are going to hang it!  Be sure to check back tomorrow also – because we are doing this ALL FREAKIN’ WEEK!

If you are wondering who won the first give away… check it out here.

18 thoughts on “Garden Give-Away (#2): A Garden Etsy Print”

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  2. Very cute!! I have stood in a wheelbarrow before to water a tall plant. Didn’t work out for me very well though.

  3. Janice L. (WMassHerbGarden)

    Our family room overlooking the garden would be a perfect place for it. So cute!

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