Garden Giveaway #11: Vapur Water Bottles From H20x2

All of us need a great water bottle for the garden.  You know… “water” bottle… to keep your “water” in.  And by water I mean booze of course! 

So you are working in the garden, your sweating (because it is 900 degrees in TEXAS – you all are from Texas right?!?)… you are crying a little bit because you can’t get the weeds out that are takin’ over your garden.  You really need a drink – but you have vowed to stay out in the garden until you get all the weeds out.  So going back inside is not an option.  You are too grown to drink out of the water hose anymore (is there really an age cutoff for that?) – so what other options do you have?

A FREAKIN’ WATER BOTTLE!  A earth-friendly, re-usable water bottle.  With booze in it.  😉  I added that last part… it could be water.  If you are a weird gardener that doesn’t drink whiskey in the garden.

Vapur Water Bottles - get yours today!

Our giveaway today is brought to you by the letter H… wait, that is the wrong show.  It is brought to you by (you know… Julia Girdler).  They provide every kind of water bottle you could think of.  Seriously… even some you can’t even think of… they have them.  We are all trying to be more respectable to Mother Earth – and this is an easy and effective way to do just that.  The specific bottles that we are giving away today are the Vapur Water Bottles – which are HOT right now.

These awesome bottles can fold up and fit in your pocket (when empty), weight less than an ounce (when empty)… then can be filled w/ 16 oz. of booze… err water whenever you please.  Add in the fact that they can be frozen… dishwasher safe…foldable (I think I already said that)… they are just cool OK?!  This is a must have item for someone that is eco-friendly or is just trying to figure out some easy ways to “go green“.  Need I say more?

So you know the routine – head over to and pick up a water bottle of your own… they have kinds for every style, reason and everything in between.  I have one… it looks like a flask.  Shala has one, it looks like a water bottle and a garden had a love child.  So see… every style I tell ya!  Thanks to for the awesome giveaway… what a great way to “go green” (that sounds so cliche now eh?).

Oh… and I almost forgot – we are giving away TWO of these bad boys… and I believe you get to pick the color!  So go comment, go tell your friends on Twitter… Facebook… email this giveaway to everyone you know!  We will pull the winners randomly from the comments tomorrow – so be sure to comment (ON THIS POST).  Thanks again to & thanks for everyone that has been participating in these giveaways!  You guys are the best.  Good luck & good gardening!

22 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #11: Vapur Water Bottles From H20x2”

  1. As a newbie gardener, I have never tried drinking “water” in the garden. If I had one of these would I be less likely to get nasty looks from the neighbors than if I was drinking “water” out of a bottle in a paper bag?

  2. Now that’s a great idea! For some reason “Mom, I’m done; can you hold this?” rings through my mind…

  3. I just found this site and I love it! I hope I am entering this contest correctly by leaving a comment here. I guess this is all I have to do?
    I will tell all my friends about this site, very helpful!

  4. I drink “water” whether I’m gardening or not! Consider me entered in this one. Kudos on the give-aways this year. All pure awesome!

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