Garden Giveaway #12: Fiskars IS BACK AGAIN!

We can’t keep them away from our site.  They stalk us… one time we found them looking in our bathroom window… it was weird.  But you guys get to benefit from it and do not have to deal w/ the awkwardness of having a major corporation peeking in your toilet room every other day.  I guess it could be worse.  And I’m guessing by how this post is starting off… that they may never sponsor another giveaway again.  Sorry.

I don’t really have to talk up Fiskars do I?  I mean they provide a lot of us gardeners w/ reliable tools for our gardens and our lawns – and talk about durable… I DO WORK w/ our Fiskars tools – and they just keep on chuggin’.  Once again we are going to be giving away a pair of PowerGear Bypass Pruners and a pair of PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners (Loppers).  Check the pictures below to see exactly what you will be winning…

Fiskars Power Bypass Pruners

PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners (Loppers)

I’m not going to go into a huge dialogue about how much I love my Fiskars loppers… but hell, why not.  So one day I took my Fiskars loppers out for dinner (Shala was out of town) and although it was awkward at first – people seemed to come around.  We went to a nice Italian place and shared some spaghetti like in the movies… you know, where you share the same strand of pasta and end up lips to lips.  Anyhow… after dinner, we went and watched a movie – a total chick flick – because I wanted to be sure the loppers went home and told her friends how great of a date I was.  I was a gentleman after the movie and took it home and didn’t even worry when all I got was a peck on the cheek.  Ever since, the loppers & I have been quite the pair.  We hang out in the park (loppin’ random limbs), have picnics (ahem…) and spend more and more time together.  Shala has come to terms w/ it and actually likes the impact the loppers has made on me.  And our yard.

I need to quit drinking… and like I said before, no way on Earth they are going to want to sponsor after this post.

So start a love affair w/ some Fiskars Pruners or Loppers today by leaving a comment in this post and you will be entered to win.  We will pull the two winners from the imaginary hat tomorrow morning and then you too can wine & dine your potential Fiskars mate.  Be cool if you would and share this link w/ your friends, your fellow Facebookers and your Twits (that is people on Twitter if you didn’t know).  Email it to a long lost cousin if you have to – whatever it takes to spread the word.  We thank you for being a part of all these giveaways… it is fun to be able to do it and provide gardeners w/ tools to help their garden grow.  Also a BIG thank you to Fiskars for providing 3 giveaways w/ 6 winners… that is truly awesome.  I wish we could supply everyone w/ a pair of one or the other – but 6 people is a good start.  If you haven’t – stop over at Fiskars and browse their website, lots of goodies and you can find them at nearly all the major hardware stores too!

So get it!  What are you waiting for! Good luck & good gardening!

32 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #12: Fiskars IS BACK AGAIN!”

  1. I’d love these for my “other” business – floral designer. Actually, I’d have to share them with my hubby because I’ve abused his to the point of no return.

  2. These are definitely something I could use since my husband seems to misplace our pruner all the time.

  3. Making a shot for these. I’d really have rather won the water bottle . . . maybe if I win a pruner/lopper, someone would be interested in a trade?

  4. WOOT-WOOT Fiskars are back you guys ROCK those are such cool tools…They are well used here at the ranch a new set would get me through the Spring loads of thing to trim and flowers to cut for the house..

  5. Gardenergal (Teresa Cansell)

    Oh, another chance at the loppers! Fabulous! Please, please pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

  6. ooh ooh. My far inferior gardening shears are on their last leg. My “toolkit” would love to see these!

  7. James, I’ve been thinking maybe it isn’t fair for me to enter these givaways since I’m a designer, but my beloved fiskars loppers got kidnapped by my garden janitor – he’s fallen in love and I am too soft hearted to make him give them BACK!!!

    But I KNOW I won’t win because I NEVER win ANYTHING!!! So congrats to whoever DOES win, and I won’t be bitter, just a little jealous!


  8. I <3 U Fiskars. We belong together, you and I. We would spend crisp-but-sunny autumn and spring days pruning unkempt wisteria and neglected roses. After a day's work I'd take you out for a burger and beer -not just Wendy's and Dr. Pepper because you are more special than that. You would have a gruyère cheeseburger and a craft-brew hefeweizen because you like pungent cheeses and unfiltered beers; I would have an IPA and something with bacon on it. We would walk home sufficiently serensified, enjoying each other's company. We would be so happy together if you would only give me a chance…

  9. Oh mighty Fiskars I have admired you from afar for way too long. Maybe someday you shall be mine.

    okay , enough with the theatrics, good luck everyone.

  10. Hi,

    I really would like to win! Then I wouldnt have to go out and buy new ones, lol! I really think you should sell B.B.Q. to drunken boaters!

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