Garden Giveaway #13: The Final Giveaway from Ethel Gloves

The end has come… **hands you a tissue**

It is a sad time here at Double D.  We cried through most of the night… held each other…  it was rough.  We just love giving you awesome readers the tools to make your garden grow.  Man, that sounded cheesy didn’t it?  That whole “to make your garden grow” part was a bit over the top.  **shakes head**  Sorry.

We really do like inspiring new gardeners and helping out existing ones when we can.  And once a year – this is how we do it.  There… that was a little less cheeseballs and a lil bit more heartfelt.

So what is the last giveaway?  If you didn’t read the title up top, it is once again Ethel Gloves! We started this thing w/ Ethel Gloves, and we are ending it w/ Ethel Gloves.  They have once again came through w/ a pair of their awesome gardening gloves and once again they have said the winner can choose either Mechanix Gloves or Ethel Gloves.  That way you dudes out there don’t have to wear the pink flowery ones… unless your into that.

Ethel Gloves - Win some today!

So you know the drill right?  After 12 of these giveaways… you better.  These are some really great gardening gloves, so be sure to leave an equally great comment to try and win with.  It really doesn’t matter, but it always looks better than…

“Hey… I like free stuff.”

We will pick a winner tomorrow, like always… so tell your friends, enemies and everyone in between.  Thanks for passing on the info and telling everyone on Facebook & Twitter.  You guys have made this fun!  Thanks again to Ethel Gloves for providing yet another giveaway – be sure to hop over to Ethel Gloves and pick up a pair if you haven’t (or didn’t win).  And be sure to use our discount code (until the end of the month) – DOUBLEDANGER15  for 15% off your order.  Good luck & good gardening!

24 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #13: The Final Giveaway from Ethel Gloves”

  1. Planted up 250 Deodar Cedars last weekend and wore my current gloves out. Me and my little girls (3 & 7 years old) are needing some new gloves for the next big planting of trees in May! These gloves look to be the ticket. Thanks!

    Jared Bookhardt

  2. I know you haved saved this last one just for me. I am putting a “double danger whammy” on it so I can win!!! 🙂

  3. What! The last DoubleDanger garden GIVEAWAY no please say it’s not so… I’ll put up 2 Sampler Gift Packs of Authentic Haven Brand premium soil conditioner teas to not see this garden Fun end. I’m having as much fun tweeting about your garden GIVEAWAYS as I am entering to WIN…

  4. Hey… I like free stuff. (ha ha) I’m sad the giveaways are over but not because I keep winning awesome stuff (I haven’t won anything BTW), but because it was interesting seeing the great products and reading your witty reviews.

  5. Gardenergal (Teresa Cansell)

    Oh please please please. I really need these because I have almost worn out my Mechanix gloves which, by the way, I didn’t even know were dudes gloves until you wrote about that a few days ago. I didn’t realize I was wearing dudes gloves. No wonder I had the urge to scratch myself and belch all the time. LOL.

  6. Ooh, I would love a pair! I usually skimp on quality gloves so I have more to spend on seeds and plants… so pamper me DD! 🙂

  7. I don’t use gloves – but I REALLY love the name “Ethel”!

    I understand these gloves are awesome – maybe I won’t feel the need to rip them off and get my hands in dirt! My manicurist will thank you…


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