Garden Giveaway #14: The Encore

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You thought it was over didn’t you?  To be honest… we did too.  Then as people started to whine and pout – we had to do something. 

And did we ever do something about it.

Well… we can’t even take credit for this.  Seriously… this is bigger than us.  This has everything to do with the awesome sponsors of this giveaway.  I don’t think we even need to go any further… let’s just get to all this giveaway madness.  I hope you have a minute… err an hour.

Encore Garden Giveaway #1 –  Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Soil Conditioner Tea

Yup… Annie is back… and she’s bringing her sh!tbags w/ her!  We have already given away 1 gift pack of Annie’s Moo Poo Teas – and she was so saddened by the contests being over… she tweeted me and said – I WILL GIVE MORE IF YOU WILL KEEP THEM GOING!  So… we had to right?  Right.

Authentic Haven Brand Natural Brew Manure Teas

If you haven’t tried these cow/horse manure teas – they will get your garden going!  I mean really going!  Big blooms for your flowers & big veggies in your garden.  We are always looking for organic ways to feed our plants and these manure teas totally fit the bill!  No crap!  Well… ok… there is lots of crap involved… but you get the idea.  Annie @ Authentic Haven Brand is chipping in not 1… not 2… but 3 gift packs for this encore celebration of National Gardening Month!  So what does that mean?  3 winners!

Encore Garden Giveaway #2 – Annie’s Goat Hill Soaps

So you have been dealing w/ the garden all day – you got garden soil under your nails and you just want to clean up.  The last thing you want to do is use some run of the mill soap laden w/ chemicals and junk you flat out shouldn’t be lathering up with.  We have the answer… well – actually Annie’s Goat Hill Soaps has the answer!  This soap is made from goat’s milk!!  Real goat’s milk!  Hand crafted… one of a kind goodness.  Skin safe, scented or unscented – keep it as natural as you would like.

Goat's Milk Soap!

Annie is going to throw in 2 bars of soap to one winner!  That soap will last you FOREVER! 

Encore Garden Giveaway #3 – Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting

Everyone was sad when Deb won the only copy of Chris McLaughlin’s soon to be out book – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting… so Chris agreed to giving yet another copy of her book away!  Once again… this book will not be out until next month – but you can get a SIGNED copy of this book for FREE!  You will never have another question when it comes to composting – that is for sure… and if your and idiot – you won’t be for long.  (Go sign up for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting’s Fan Page on Facebook)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Composting

So if you are anyone but Deb – here is your chance to win a copy of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting… and you can be composting w/ the best of them!  Just to recap… 1 book to 1 winner.

Encore Garden Giveaway #4 – F-F-F-FISKARS IS BACK (no way… YES WAY)

I said they were done.  They said they were done.  Then this whole encore garden giveaway started rumbling around… and Fiskars couldn’t resist hooking up some more gardeners!  If you haven’t been around to read my loving tales of my Fiskars tools (good, because they are embarrassing) – you surely missed out.  I am in love w/ their new reel mower – the loppers I own have earned their keep over and over and over and my grass shears – so freakin’ awesome.  If you ask me which tools to buy – no question, Fiskars own at our house.

Fiskars Garden Tools!

Enough about me – let’s talk about you… or at least what YOU can win.  Fiskars is once again bringing the pain w/ PowerGear Bypass Pruners, PowerGear Anvil Super Pruners (Loppers) and also (this one is new to our giveaways)… UpRoot Weed & Root RemoverYup, 3 freakin’ Fiskars tools!  For those that don’t get it… that is 3 more winners!

Encore Garden Giveaway #5 – Your Favorite Nursery (apparently)… Annie’s Annuals

In the largest giveaway in Double Danger history (by far) – Annie’s had over 130 entries for a chance to win one $50 gift certficate.  After such a response Annie’s Annuals came back and said… we can’t disapoint so many people, let’s do 4 gift certificates!  We said… SURE!  Well, they came back when they heard we were doing this whole “encore” thing and said – let’s do 2 more! 

Garden Giveaway from Annie's Annuals

Seriously – we have never been to Annie’s Annuals – but when we make it out to the West Coast… we are freakin’ going!  After hearing people talk of being there for hours and hours and how everyone was so nice – how could we not.  Annie’s portion of this encore garden giveaway – 2 gift certificates for $25 each – in other words… two different winners.

Encore Garden Giveaway #6 – Corona Garden Tools

We didn’t get a chance to touch base w/ Corona during the giveaways – so they didn’t take part… but when they heard we were doing an “encore” to cap off this giveaway-a-thon – they jumped on board w/ the quickness.  We have some friends that wouldn’t trade their Corona pruners for anything – and after going through pair after pair of pruners… we are about to invest in some as well.  We love the name – however it might be because we love beer… and there is a certain beer that shares the same name… but who cares the reasoning!

Corona Tools - Pruners

Corona, since they couldn’t take part in the original giveaway have really stepped up and are putting 5 sets of pruners (check them out) on the line.  No crap – FIVE!  Meaning – 5 people will win their very own Corona pruners to work their garden over with.  Before I forget… be sure to stop by for even more giveaways from Corona by becoming their fan on Facebook.  Go Go GO!

Encore Garden Giveaway #7 – Ethel Gloves

You didn’t win them the first time (awwww).  Then you failed to win the second time (double awwww).  But now you have one more chance to redeem yourself because Ethel Gloves is back w/ one last gardening gloves giveaway to help your hands to live to see the future.  We are proud owners of both Ethel gloves & Mechanix gloves – and we cannot say enough about them.  We both have donned ours for over a year & a half now and they are still going strong.  In fact we used ours all last weekend potting up plants, putting in new plants around the yard and I cannot even begin to tell you how often we I have used the Mechanix gloves for “manly” chores.

Ethel Gloves for your gardening needs.

Ethel Gloves has once again put forward a pair of gloves to one lucky winner… that is 1 more pair of glove to 1 winner!  This is great, considering they have already fitted two different people w/ gloves already during this giveaway.  Don’t forget, they are still running the coupon code created specifically for our readers to get 15% off your order.  Go use it!  Coupon Code: DOUBLEDANGER15

Encore Garden Giveaway #8 – Garden Shoes Online

I just heard about 300 women all gasp at the same time.  SHOES!?!?!  OMG!  Settle down… it isn’t shoes this time, but it is an awesome place to get just about any kind of gardening shoes on the planet and if you haven’t – stop by to check it out.  Garden Shoes Online didn’t get a chance to play along w/ our giveaways during the past two weeks, BUT… they made it in for the encore garden giveaways and we couldn’t be happier.  They have selected a pair… wait for it… wait for it…

Felcos Hand Pruners!

Felcos Right Handed Pruners OR Felcos Left Handed Pruners – so just in case you are a lefty… you don’t have to try and make due w/ a pair of right handed (like I’m sure you have done before).  That is 1 winner of 1 pair of Felcos!

That is it… ha… like it isn’t a big damn deal.  In total we will pull 17 winners when it is all said in done… and that is JUST for this encore giveaway.  We are almost giving away as much stuff w/ this one as we did the entire 2 weeks of giveaways prior!  We will run this one all weekend – and pull winners Sunday night.  That will give you a couple day to be sure you are signed up (by leaving a comment in this post) and it will also give you time to share w/ everyone you know!  Throw this up on Facebook.  Tweet it.  Email it.  Write a letter to your friend in the next county… whatever way you can – get the word out!  We want this one to be the biggest one yet!

Before we wrap this thing up – we want to extend our warmest thank you(s) to our sponsors… all of you folks have went above & beyond yet again (since some of you even gave last year).  We are blown away by your support – we LOVE doing this for gardeners & potential gardeners.  Our dream is to inspire new gardeners each year w/ giveaways like this and w/ our blog too!  So if we have made a difference to you – let us know about it… we are dying to know.  Really though – sponsors… we love you.  In a totally professional way.  Thanks again.  And again.

Good luck everyone & good gardening!

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