Garden Giveaway #3: Quest Learn & Grow Seed Starter Kit (Organic)

How many of you guys/gals out there have kids?  How many of you have a spouse that is basically a kid?  How many of you… are basically a kid? 

**raises hand**

Glad we got that out of the way.  This next giveaway (#3 of 1,202,390.0929) is designed to get kids into gardening early.  This company isn’t sponsoring this one, we actually picked these up a while back from in order to giveaway to some of you parents – so gardening could be a family affair.  Cool idea huh?  Well yeah… until we realized we would have to pay for the shipping to each of you guys that win… then it didn’t seem nearly as cool.  😉  We kid… we kid.  Here is what we are giving away.

Garden Giveaway #3 - Quest Learn & Grow Seed Starting Kit

There were 3 varieties, but since we are into the whole growing your food thing – we picked the veggie kits to give away.  You did not read that wrong – we said… “kits”. Yup, once again – why give away 1 of these… when you could give away 2.  Wait… why give away 2 of these… when you could give away 3!  Day 3 of the giveaways, and we are giving away 3… it is like the 12 days of Christmas over here at Double D!  Except, don’t expect us to go up any higher than 3.  haha 

So this giveaway is for 3 winners, each will get a Quest Learn & Grow Seed Starter Kit (Organic Vegetables).  These kits include – Carrot Seeds, Tomato Seeds & Radish Seeds.  It comes w/ soil, decorative rocks, a mini spray bottle, 6 paints w/ paintbrush (so you can decorate the wooden terrarium and a book to learn more about how to do it all.  In other words, EVERYTHING you will need to get going.

On this one, if you have already won something – don’t sweat it… you can still enter.  We paid for this out of our pockets, so we don’t mind giving them to absolutely anyone that enters – because we make up the rules around here.  That is what you get to do when you are the boss. 

Just like w/ any of these giveaways – it is simple, just leave a comment w/ your name & email addy and we will do the rest.  If you post your comment and you have never posted before here at Double Danger, it will not show up immediately.  We approve every comment, because spammers suck!  So don’t submit 900 of them, thinking you are doing something wrong.  You’re not.  I’m probably slightly drunk and haven’t got to the email to approve your comment yet.  I will – give me time. 

The only difference with this giveaway – we are actually going to run this until Monday morning.  Because it is Easter weekend, and I don’t think anyone wants their product posted on Easter when no one is going to be around to check it out.  So we will run this one for all day today (Saturday) & all day tomorrow (Sunday).  Because… once again, we make the rules.  So get to commenting, get to sharing this on Twitter, Facebook and w/ your friends/enemies/cousins/brothers/sisters/aunts/uncles/neighbors/kids/their kids/grandma/grandpa/the pool boy – whoever might enjoy having these grow kits. 

Until next time… good day & good gardening!

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  1. The G-Kids would love this. Would give them something to do this summer while staying with us. Great giveaway.

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