Garden Giveaway #5: Vintage Spoon Plant Markers

This one is going to be a hit, I’m telling you – A  HIT!  We scoured Etsy to find the store of JLynn Creations, and her AWESOME Vintage Spoon Plant Markers.  Now hold up… Jacquie doesn’t just do these plant markers… she makes unique custom jewelry as well.  So even though this particular giveaway is for gardening goodies, don’t hesitate to check out her store and pick something up for any occasion.

BUT… this is a giveaway of gardening goodies – and that IS what it is all about.  So for today, let’s focus on these Custom Vintage Spoon Plant Markers.  Check it out first… then we’ll talk.

Vintage Spoon Plant Markers

JLynn Creations - Vintage Spoon Garden Markers

Pretty cool eh?  We thought so.  So here is the real kicker – they will make your plants grow bigger.  Seriously.  Not really.  I made that up, but the real kicker is that Jacquie has agreed to make them custom for the winner.  What that means is – you shouldn’t have any wasted markers, or have to buy more seeds/plants in order to use a marker.  If you weren’t planning on planting basil BECAUSE YOU KILL IT EVERY YEAR… ahem… then you don’t have to just to use your brand new vintage (wait a second…) spoon plant marker. 

The winner will pick the 4 names to put on the markers – and she will make them for you like you were some superstar or something.  Which you are… really, you are.  How’s that for service?

I’m betting if you contacted JLynn Creations, she would make a whole batch of custom plant markers for you – I’m just guessing.  Go ask her already!  GO!  DO IT!

You should know how to enter now, fill your name/email address in the comments section and then tomorrow we will pull a winner out of a hat.  Well, not really a hat.  More like a random number generator.  Wearing a hat.  This isn’t making a lot of sense is it?  Oh well, these giveaways are starting to get to me… they are making me CRAZY!  Tell your friends!  Tell your neighbors… wait, not that I’m crazy – but about the contest.  Tell them about JLynn Creations and how you found some one-of-a-kind plant markers. 

Until next time… good luck & good gardening!

PS – oh yeah… these things are all one of a kind.  All are silver plated vintage spoons, so they are all different, worn in their own way… each one is stamped by hand/hammer and so each one is different.  As they are in the garden, they will oxidize over time and become even cooler.  If you are one of those people that like ’em shiny – a simple polish up like any other silverware – and they are shiny again.  I felt like I should talk a bit more about the product, since I just kinda rambled like an idiot.  That is ALL!

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