Garden Giveaway #7: Hori Hori Garden Knife

Today’s giveaway is a weapon.  A mean, Japanese gardening weapon of danger and death… for weeds.  Or at least that is what I use mine for.  The Hori Hori Garden Knife (who’s name makes us giggle each time we hear it) is brought to you today from Aha! Modern Living – you know… Jayme Jenkins from Twitter (figured it out yet?  NestInStyle maybe?).  You know.  You gotta know.  You should know.

Hori Hori Gardening Knife

My wife got me this last year at some point and I have to admit when I pulled it out of the box… I felt the urge to go cut some sh!t up!  I ran outside, dug a big hole w/ it (cuz it is like a trowel on steroids) – then I filled it back in, found an old plant I had been dreading to cut out (because it had tough roots) and bludgeoned it to death, then cut its roots w/ ease (cuz it is basically a knife on steroids).. then I holstered it and drank a lot to celebrate.

I just made that up… sorta.  I embellished a bit.  I did drink a lot at the end.  🙂

I joke, but seriously this knife is awesome – I had my Stepdad sharpen mine up a bit (because he is a knife maker dude) and it made all the difference.  Now it is a cutting machine!  I use it to plant with, remove grass and lots of other situations in which a trowel will just not do. 

Let’s get back to Aha! Modern Living though… you have been there right?  No?!?!  What the… seriously?!?  Talk about cool stuff all in one location – we have several items from Jayme’s website and expect even more.  You have probably seen our birdfeeder before – it’s from Aha!… you remember don’t you?  The one that the squirrel ate out of.  Here – just watch.  Anyhow – she keeps the coolest items for your home & garden and is a MUST for any “cool” kid.  You are a “cool” kid right?  I thought so – you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

If you don’t know the routine by now… your either half drunk or half crazy – or – half & half (not the best combo).  To enter this contest, leave a comment.  We will then pull a random number and the comment that matches that number… wins.  Simple.  Be sure to leave your name & email – or I will just keep it for myself.  Just kidding Jayme.  🙂

PS – don’t freak out if your comment doesn’t show up immediately – that just means you haven’t commented here before, and because of the spammers in this world… we have to play bouncer and check everyone’s ID.  So give me a bit, because I’m either super busy… or super… ummm not thirsty.  I will get it on there before we draw the winner – I promise. 

Oh and thanks again Aha! Modern Living for this awesome giveaway!

21 thoughts on “Garden Giveaway #7: Hori Hori Garden Knife”

  1. I am not 100% certain I am officially allowed to enter, as I am still getting over my excitement from having won fiskars pruners. BUT as I have coveted a hori hori since last year and was finally thinking about breaking down and ordering one for myself soon….it’d be awesome to win this. So if I’m not allowed to, ignore me and stuff. 🙂

  2. Using the Hori Hori is almost as fun as SAYING Hori Hori!


    Anything that helps me dig in the dirt is a winner in my book. Especially when it doubles as a prop for my outdoor ninja activities.

  3. Okay, hopefully I am not late for this one! I currently use a steak knife (seriously) to hack at things. And I would love to murder some invasive English Ivy with this cool tool!

  4. Gardenergal (Teresa Cansell)

    I need this. Srsly. I put “pocket knife” on my Christmas list and my husband ignored it. I have no idea why. Okay, I am a klutz and bad things sometimes happen when I have sharp objects within my reach, but still…. this would have made cutting up those Brussels sprouts stalks a few weeks ago so much easier – they were thick and heavy and hard to cut!!! Oh please, oh please…. let me win!

  5. I’m finally starting to realize the need for quality knives in the garden having purchased my first pruning knife this past year. It’s always in my pocket when I’m outside. Now I’m excited about the possibilities with a Hori Hori.

  6. MANLY SHOVEL / KNIFE ?! ?! ?! ?! Gotta have it, I havent been posting to give everyone else a chance for their item of interest, Does that count for anything? ? ? ? ?

  7. If I won the Hori Hori it would fulfill my dream of becoming a Ninja Gardener. Don’t ya wanna make this gal’s dreams come true?

  8. Oh Boy! I have Hori Hori envy. This is the first time I have seen one of these, and from your description of what it can do I want one. Thanks for telling us about it with so much humor, loved your post.

  9. Wow, that’s look great. I recently took over someone’s community plot and well let’s just say they loved their invasive species. I am constantly fighting potatoes, mint, horseradish and morning glories. It would be so great to say to them, “Say hello to my little hori hori friend”..

  10. I’m not sure I am allowed to have such and awesome knife…but I want to win this one!!!!

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