Gardening On The Cheap

So today on Twitter, some of the #twitter4vg folks were talking about how to garden on the cheap.  Just so happens that we got a few things in the mail the past few days that prove the point that you CAN garden on the cheap.  So at lunch I snapped a few pics of the snail mail we received and I might have mentioned it – but we picked up a Creative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder with 8 GB Video Storage and 2x Digital Zoom (Black) from Amazon the other day and we have been itchin’ to use it.  SoooOooooooooOooo… I took a short lil video of our seedlings (and our dogs) just to try it out and get an idea of what we have going on.

Here are a few things that we got in the mail that were absolutely free…

Gardening Freebies

The Campbell’s free seeds came via Campbell’s of course (just go here), we signed up for the free seeds one day on their site – and they finally showed up yesterday.  1 packet of free tomato seeds, pretty good deal.  Considering the amount of tomatoes that you can get from a single plant.  There are roughly 25 seeds per packet, plus they have a $1 off coupon on Campbell’s soups.

Free Tomato Seeds

Then, the same day – we received this card from our local nursery, Alldredge Gardens.  It basically states (while supplies last), you can bring in the card and get a free Geranium.  I know you can’t eat it… but we buy so many plants that it will save us some money.

Free Geranium

Cool eh?  We think so.  So if you are looking at some ways to save money – but still garden… just look around.  People are basically giving stuff away! 

Ok, this next little treat is like I said… just really to play with the new video camera.  We wanted to try it out and so I just buzzed through the seedlings we have in the sunroom and our dogs are in the video as well.  Nothing special and honestly the soundtrack… who are we kidding, just mute it.  It is the dumbest crap ever.  It was free with our camera as an editing style… I swear.  But anyhow, enjoy – and check out the seedlings in all their glory.

Seedlings Tour from James Cross on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Gardening On The Cheap”

  1. Nice video James! I could watch footage of seedlings all day long…in fact, maybe tomorrow I will! LOL They look VERY healthy and ready to go. Thanks for sharing.

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