Gardening On The Cheap: Newspaper Pots

This really isn’t because we are cheap as much as it is we couldn’t find the larger peat pots we wanted.  So when you can’t find something you need – you improvise.  Yup, we had seen this a few times on other sites (and for the life of me – I can’t remember where) – so we figured why not.  Using newspaper to make pots for your plants (until you transplant), a great idea right? Recycling & being frugal at the same time.

We are trying to be as green as possible.  So it works.

So here are a few of the pots waiting for some vegetable love.

Using Newspaper to make pots.

It really wasn’t hard – I think we could video tape it and show you in about 5 min (total production time, upload & everything – not the video taking 5 minutes itself… geeze – that would be boring).  They should be just as solid as peat pots (maybe not 100% as solid, but still), and shouldn’t be too bad for draining – figure it will suck some water up. 

We went ahead and potted up a few peppers & tomatoes to try them out – they seemed to work great.

Plants in newspaper pots

Not bad right?  We made about 12 or so – figure that one sunday paper is $1.50… that isn’t bad at all.  This is just until we have our tomatoes & peppers completely hardened off and can transplant into the raised beds.  Or until we give them away to folks.  Shouldn’t be long.

Would a video be helpful?  Anyone want us to do that? We provide for the people…  you didn’t know?

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