Garlic Shoot Pictures & Some Other Stuff

This weekend while we were out building our new raised bed and all the other crap we were doing… we snapped a picture of the garlic shoots.  We have quite a few coming up, but here is a good pic of a few of the taller ones.

garlic Shoot Pictures

Here is our barrel of spring flowers – tulips, hyacinth & such.  Very cool.  We moved it out in the front of the house to brighten up the ‘hood.  We are expecting to see bloom’age this week from our daffodils – and maybe a tulip or two.

Hyacinth Pics

Tulip Pictures

Tulip Pictures

What is blooming in your ‘hood?  Or sprouting.  Stick around for updates on the Aerogarden (tonight) and I doubt the raised bed how-to will get done by Friday… since today is Thursday… and I haven’t started.  Go figure.  But – we will figure out something fun to give you on Friday to read.  Since you will be itchin’ to get home and in the garden.

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  1. Oh, I am just so green with envy! We got another 14″ of snow on Monday. Ain’t nothin’ growin’ here honey! LOL I do plan to start some herb seeds indoors this weekend, but that’s about it. Can’t start things too early, or they’ll take over inside before I can plant them out side in May.

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